Roasted Salted Duck


You may know the delicious Roasted Salted Chicken, so what about Roasted Salted Duck? It will also make you mouthwatering.

Roasted Salted Duck


  • Duck: 500g
  • Roasted salt: 100g
  • 2 chicken eggs
  • Tapioca starch: 50g
  • Cooking oil, seasoning salt, citronella, ginger, honey, seasoned salt, tempura.


Step 1: Prepare the roasted salt mixture including 1/2 bowl of each of following: sticky rice, rice, ground chickpeas and coarse salt. All need to be roasted until cooked, then crushed and mix together. You could change the ratio of them depending on your taste.

Step 2: Purify the duck (remove all the viscera and pedicure of the duck) and chop it into bite-sized rectangle pieces. Soak the duck in a marinade with ginger, honey and seasoned salt in a bowl in about 15 minutes.

Step 3: Split the citronella into tin fibers and saute until golden brown.

Step 4: Add the yolk of the chicken eggs into the bowl of marinated duck and mix well. Put each of the piece of duck into the tempura and roll until each side of the meat is with tempura.

Step 5: Boil the cooking oil in a pan until bubble appears, then put the floured meat into the pan to roast until golden brown. Note that, the meat need to be roasted with full of oil to be well cooked and crispy. Transfer the roasted meat to other pot.

Step 6: Add the roasted salt mixture and cooked citronella into the pot and stir well over low heat in about 5 minutes. The final thing you need to do is transferring the dish to a plate.

Now, enjoy this tasty and spicy dish!!


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