Have you ever tasted awful rat meat dishes?


A few West people perhaps know that mouse meat is the rustic dish ranked in the specialty in Vietnam. Currently, in many restaurants, hotels, mouse meat is also becoming senior and luxurious dish.

Each year, from October to around March lunar field-mice start to search for food, so they are very chubby, plump. This is also the period people together hunt field-mice. They are divided into two categories: rice rat and brown rat. Rice rats are small, weigh 4-5 / kg and have yellow fur. Brown rats have black fur, weight 3-4 times compared with rice rat. In Mekong Delta, rat meat recently has become featured and favourite specialty, diners become increasingly crowded.

Have you ever tasted awful rat meat dishes

It is rarely used water to wash directly (or just wash the rats before slaughter, and shave). At first, it is burned, cleanly shaved, slaughtered and removed with its parts including heart, head, small parts, and then spiced with flavors. Rat meat can be processed into many different dishes. The simplest and easiest dishes are salt rat with citronella. Rat is fried with “cách” leaves (a type of vegetable in Vietnam). For the stuffed mouse, peel its skin, mix minced meat with pork and mushrooms, vermicelli, peanuts and then put back into the rat skin. Baby dishes are steamed rice for VIP guests.

The simplest and easiest way is to cover it with straw, poke the coal and  cut head, peel skin, peel the heart (except the liver) after cleaning the rat. Hooks excreta parts and nodes (do thoroughly, otherwise the meat will have smell of urine and stank of rat). Use bamboo chopped into rods to make the chopsticks for grilling. Then chop green mango, mix with delicious fish cause, add some spicy red peppers to create the sauce.

The next dish is stir-fried rat meat. After cleaning, rat meat is cut out small pieces, marinated with curry powder, five-spice powder, lemongrass, chili. Then put the meat into fried garlic pan. Meat is cooked, sprinkle coconut milk. Eat the dish with herbs, thinly sliced ​​young banana plants. One other dish equally attractive is the dish of minced and fried mouse and then mix with “cách” leaves, served with pancakes (baked roll).

Drain the mouse, chop fine, marinate with curry powder, garlic, lemongrass, roasted peanuts, pound, spicy. Fry rat meat with defatted onions, garlic until it is cooked, then put finely chopped “cách” leaves into it and mix well, display on plates. There also are two mouse meat dishes made available to eat any time.

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